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Söll thread algae killer

Söll thread algae killer

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Thread algae destroyer


  • Works immediately thanks to active oxygen
  • Special bacteria decompose dead algae
  • Particularly efficient and productive
  • Safe to use
  • Free of aluminum salts
Algae are essential for a functioning garden pond. They produce oxygen and are an important link in the food chain. But you have to do something if your garden pond has heavy algae growth. Because unchecked growth lowers the carbonate hardness and causes the pH value to fluctuate. Söll's anti-algae products work against all types of algae and return algae growth to normal levels. For clear, beautiful ponds.

Thread algae destroyer Destroys even the most stubborn filamentous algae within 24 hours through the immediate release of active oxygen. The dead algae can be brushed off shortly after use. Any remaining algae residue is decomposed more quickly by the special bacteria it contains. Thread algae destroyer is colorless and highly effective. The active ingredient is broken down into water and oxygen in a few hours.

Our application and dosage recommendation

Thread algae destroyer Sprinkle specifically on the thread algae in the morning. Avoid contact with aquatic plants. Avoid strong water movements while adding the product – if necessary, switch off the filter and pump for a short time. The application can be carried out several times per season. Ideally, check water values ​​before and during treatment (e.g. with a pH test, KH test from Söll). Only use if pH < 8.5 and carbonate hardness (KH) > 5°dH (0.890 mmol/l HCO3-). We recommend to stabilize these values PondFit , PondStarter  or Premium Koi Stable . When used properly, there are no known side effects on aquatic animals or plants. Fish can remain in the pond during treatment.

30-50g Thread algae destroyer to 1,000 liters of pond water

After the algae treatment, phosphate-lowering agents (e.g PhosLock , ZeoSpeed or Turbo Phosphate Binder  ) can be used.

If your pond has floating or blue-green algae in addition to filamentous algae, use Algosol or. Algosol forte .

250 g 8,000 liters 11607
500g 16,000 liters 11608
1 kg 32,000 liters 11609
2.5kg 80,000 liters 11605
5kg 160,000 liters 11606
10kg 320,000 liters 12538

Use algaecides carefully. Always read label and product information before use.

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