You can pick up your koi from our store in Neuss free of charge. The earliest pickup is possible from October 27th, 2023. Collections are possible from customers with indoor storage and customers who can ensure a constant water temperature of 15°C over the winter. Collections are possible for all countries.

An appointment is mandatory for collection. You can easily book your appointment online using our appointment portal.

Free wintering at Koi Area

If you cannot pick it up in winter, we offer you the winter storage service. This is free with us until May 17th, 2024. You can find all further information here.

Collections/shipping after 05/17/24

Your koi can also be picked up in Neuss after May 17th, 2024. However, there are only very few appointments available for this. Delivery to a collection point after May 19, 2023 is no longer possible. After May 17th, 2023, home shipping is only possible for Germany and Austria. From May 18, 2023, storage fees will be due. The costs here are €10.00 per koi per week.

Non-collection / non-arrival / refusal to accept

If a delivery is made on a fixed delivery date to a shipping company pick-up point, the box must be received within 4 hours. Must be picked up after delivery. A later collection would be detrimental to animal welfare. Therefore, please note your individual pickup time window. If the koi is delivered to your home, it is mandatory that the koi be accepted by a contact person. As long as the address remains the same, the koi can also be received by your family member or a close person.

The supplier may not leave the Koi at a pickup location or deliver them to a neighbor. Please ensure that a contact person is available to receive the animals on the day of delivery. If the koi are not picked up, are not found or are refused acceptance, they will be returned immediately to our store. You will be charged for the direct journey.

Telephone appointment booking, spontaneous collections, visits

It is necessary to make an appointment for each visit, as we do not want to keep you waiting because our consultants are in appointments or even out of the office. In order to avoid waiting times, we ask all customers to arrive on time for their booked appointment. All appointment bookings must be made via our appointment portal. If you need help with your booking, please give us a call. It is not possible to pick up Koi spontaneously and without booking an appointment.

Pond temperature when introducing the fish

The koi swim in our tanks at a water temperature of 14°C-15°C. Please note that your pond should also have a constant water temperature of 15°C when moving the koi so that there is no risk to animal welfare.

Koi packaging

The koi are packed on site in koi bags with water and oxygen. The Koi bags then go into a Koi animal shipping box. Packaging is free for you during shipping and collection.