pond construction

Professional koi pond planning, we are your contact!

We would be happy to support you in the planning and construction of your koi pond and will also assist you with the later implementation. Whether you are building a new pond, redesigning it or optimizing it, please contact us and arrange a no-obligation appointment to discuss your dream pond.

Of course, we are also there for you as an expert for koi, be it for general advice, the purchase of koi or for the right koi food.

We look forward to you!

  • Professional planning

    We accompany you from the beginning and plan your dream pond together with you.

  • Expert talks at home

    We get an idea in advance so that we can match your pond perfectly to your home.

  • surveying and excavation

    Excavating, wrapping, inserting - everything is from a single source in our family business.

Have your dream pond planned and lean back

If you want to offer your koi a species-appropriate and beautiful life, planning the pond as a habitat is essential. It is important to be extremely careful when planning the initial pond planning and to take all important aspects into account. We therefore plan holistically and individually with you, because every pond has different needs.

Every koi pond is a complex ecosystem in which we rely on installing the right technology. We plan together with you:

  • biological and chemical filtration
  • the use of skimmers and drains
  • the shape and planning of the water currents
  • the salt content
  • planting as needed
  • the appropriate supply of oxygen
  • best possible fish stock

and much more.

Book an all-round service and enjoy all services

For the best possible result, it has always been important to us as a family business to offer all services from a single source. We are therefore happy to advise you and also take over the pond planning, new construction, pond renewal or enlargement completely.

Our team takes care of the professional use as well as the upgrading and conversion of your filter systems. In addition, we would be happy to advise you on suitable pond care products and help you make the right choice for your fish stock.

Would you like to change your pond or would you like a completely new appearance? We support you in finding a suitable design and garden style for your koi pond and implement your wishes for you.

Optimize now and save money

Installing the right technology will save you a lot of time and work in the daily care of your pond. We only use the most modern filter systems for the construction and install all filter types individually tailored to your pond. By using the latest technology, lower power consumption is ensured and in the long run you can save a lot of work and money.

We also take care of the installation of indoor cages to protect your koi. With this you can be sure that the koi can be put in in winter, in quarantine cases and when rearing. Whether you prefer a small or a large pond, a swimming pond or a natural pond - Koi Area is your contact for modern pond construction -