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Söll Dr. Roth's PondSure

Söll Dr. Roth's PondSure

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Dr. Roth's® Pond Clear


  • Purifies water naturally
  • For biological balance
  • Against the formation of foul gases and harmful gases in the pond
  • Also as tabs for small ponds

Dr. Roth's Teichklar supports nature through natural, microbiological cleaning and care of the water. The selected mixture of natural microorganisms activates the biological degradation of sunken leaves, dead plants, fish excretions, leftover food and other organic residues. The phosphate content also drops.

As a positive side effect Dr. Roth's Teichklar This contributes to a reduction in algae growth in the pond.

Dr. Roth's Teichklar increases the biodiversity of pollutant-degrading microorganisms and optimizes biological pond cleaning.

Our application and dosage recommendation

The needed amount Dr. Roth's Teichklar Mix in a container filled with pond water until there are no lumps. Then distribute the mixture evenly over the pond, for example using a garden watering can. Only use at a water temperature of 8°C and higher. Turn off UV lamps during use and for 48 hours afterwards.

Initial dosage: 50 g Dr. Roth's Pond Clear for 1,000 liters of pond water.
Long-term care: 10 g Dr. Roth's Teichklar to 1,000 liters of pond water every two to four weeks.

Dr. Roth's TeichklarTabs add directly to the pond. One tablet is sufficient for 500 liters of pond water.

Expert tip : The addition of this organic product always leads to a decrease in oxygen - this is natural. Therefore, always pay attention to the oxygen content of the water, especially at temperatures above 22 °C. For optimal oxygen supply to the in Dr. Roth's Teichklar We therefore recommend the additional use of bacteria contained in it OxygenActive .

4 tabs 2,000 liters 10084
250 g 5,000 liters 10070
500g 10,000 liters 10071
1 kg 20,000 liters 10073
3kg 60,000 liters 10075
6kg 120,000 liters 10078
10kg 200,000 liters 10082

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