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Flexible fittings

Flexible fittings

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Flexible connections made of NBR elastomer

Flexible couplings offer numerous advantages, especially when connecting PVC pipes with materials that cannot be bonded or are difficult to bond, such as stainless steel, PP, PE, concrete and polyester pipes. Also excellently suited as a transition from metric to English/American line measurements.

The ideal solution for applications where gluing is not possible or desirable. Suitable for multiple use. Even if the pipe connection is not square or straight, these fittings will adjust.
Material: NBR elastomer. Elastomer made of natural rubber has a high tensile and tear strength, is extremely flexible and not subject to aging ("rubberized").

  • - quick connection without gluing
  • - Hose clamp quality W4 stainless steel AISI304
  • - eliminate stresses in pipelines/bends
  • - easy connection of PVC with PE, PP, stainless steel, cast iron, concrete etc.
  • - As a connection between pump and pipe system, transmitted vibrations or oscillations are significantly reduced
  • - Installation possible in frost
  • - Easily dismantled and recyclable
  • - simple emergency repair of pipelines
  • - for connecting pipes that are not exactly matched to each other
  • - resistant to UV radiation, root growth, sewer gas, bacteria and various chemicals
  • - Suitable for all connections in non-pressurized or low-pressure lines such as sewer, sanitary, rainwater drains, repairs or - - - - connections in pond or solar areas up to max. +40°C.
  • - ideal for system changes, test setups or temporary installations
  • - Not to be used in systems under constant pressure or closed pressure systems (domestic water systems, sprinkler systems, etc.)

Outer dimension fitting: eg a 50mm angle adhesive socket has an outer dimension of approx. 60.5mm. So you can connect a 63mm pipe directly to a 50mm elbow with a 63mm flexible sleeve.

The angle flexibility with flexible elbows or flexible tees is 80° - 100°.

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