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Söll TeichFit

Söll TeichFit

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  • With With TeichFit your fish live longer*
  • Creates ideal water values ​​(carbonate hardness, total hardness, pH value)
  • Neutralizes heavy metals and ammonia

The pond water is influenced by the growth of algae and plants. PondFit creates ideal living conditions for all plants and pond inhabitants in a very short time. The proven basic care product optimizes and stabilizes the most important water parameters, such as carbonate hardness (KH) and pH value, within just a few minutes.

TeichFit adds vital calcium to the water in the form of carbonate hardness. This sets the water in a stable, species-appropriate pH range between 7.5 and 8.5. Strong pH value fluctuations, which mean stress for animals and plants, are thus avoided.

PondFit also enriches the water with carbon dioxide, neutralizes toxic heavy metals and ammonia, which is harmful to fish.

TeichFit improves the water quality and creates a stable, ecological balance in the pond. The biological self-cleaning power of the water is increased.

TeichFit also supports the growth and reproduction of algae-eating fish species, such as daphnia and rotifers. Optimal conditions are created for pollutant-degrading microorganisms in the pond and filter.

TeichFit only contains ingredients that are already naturally present in water and is therefore completely harmless to humans and animals in water. Also good to know: TeichFit reduces corrosion of pumps and pipes.

* Scientific tests prove: With TeichFit, your fish live longer, they utilize the food better, which leads to rapid and significantly improved growth [1]. The water becomes clearer and remains biotope-friendly and stable. TeichFit can significantly improve the hatching rate and development of frogs [2]. TeichFit triggers the natural process of self-cleaning water within minutes. Always. PondFit promotes a high level of biological diversity and thus closes natural food chains [3].
[1] Saxon State Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries Department
[2] Institute for Zoology, Fishery Biology and Fish Diseases at the Veterinary University of Munich
[3] BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology, funding number 02WT9841/3

Our application and dosage recommendation

From the beginning of the pond season as permanent care, at least 3 times a year. Especially when algae blooms occur (green, cloudy water) as well as when KH is less than 5 °dH or after larger water inputs (e.g. rain, meltwater, etc.). Sprinkle evenly into the pond. Never dissolve or mix beforehand! Filter systems can remain in operation during product input.

100 g TeichFit for 1,000 liters of pond water. TeichFit cannot be overdosed.

special instructions

a) Limitation of effect

If there is a permanent source of acid or alkali in the pond, it will be used up TeichFit is faster because it constantly has to do neutralization work. After complete consumption of TeichFit the pH value is no longer stable. Certain types of concrete or cement that are sometimes used for pond construction can release lye into the pond water over a long period of time, causing the pH to rise sharply.

When changing water, previously used water may be used PondFit partially or completely removed with the water from the pond and can therefore no longer be effective. A new dosage is then recommended.

b) Interaction with other products

We recommend using TeichFit one day before using algae remedies (e.g Algosol , Algosol forte , thread algae destroyer ). The other products in the Söll pond care program are available at any time TeichFit applicable.

Occurs after application of If the water becomes cloudy or brown for a long time, this is probably due to the previous use of peat, humic substances and other pond treatment products. In most cases, the clouding or coloring that occurs can be eliminated by using OxygenActive be eliminated.

250 g 2,500 liters 15210
500g 5,000 liters 15211
1 kg 10,000 liters 15212
2.5kg 25,000 liters 15140
5kg 50,000 liters 15150
10kg 100,000 liters 15160

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