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Saki Hikari R Balance Sinking

Saki Hikari R Balance Sinking

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Saki Hikari R Balance Sinking

Saki-Hikari R is a revolutionized feed from Hikari brand, it contains the R extract which contains beneficial bacteria from various fermented yeast species.

The R-extract increases the effect of the Hikari Germ probiotic bacteria in the intestine and thus helps to counteract pathogens. It is designed to improve the overall health of the koi by allowing the koi to recover more quickly.

The research, in collaboration with the University of Osaka, shows that the Koi have increased resistance to the Aeromas Salmonicida bacteria thanks to the R-extract. This also increases the chances of your koi recovering from an illness.

Saki-Hikari R increases resistance to diseases and allows for faster recovery.

Water temperature from 4°C

Pelletgröße: Small 2.7mm - 3.0mm; Middle 4.5mm - 5.0mm; Large 7.5mm - 8.5mm

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BHK and Hikari feed are available in three grits:

  • Small - 2.7mm - 3.0mm
  • Middle 4.5mm - 5.0mm
  • Large 7.5mm - 8.5mm

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