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Shinoda HQ Hi Utsuri 12-15cm

Shinoda HQ Hi Utsuri 12-15cm

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Also imported from Tosai including professional quarantine

Hi Utsuri

The Koi will be ready for collection/shipment on January 2nd, 2023, by which time you will have completed the entire quarantine. The Koi must be picked up or shipped by February 18th, 2023 at the latest.
Each additional week started after February 18, 2023 is subject to a fee!

Additional costs for longer retention after 02/18/2023
Size extra cost
10 - 15cm €0.5 per week
16 - 20cm 1€ per week
21 - 30cm €2 per week

The Tosai cannot be selected - there is no better quality, even for a surcharge, as it would be a disadvantage for all other customers.

We will be guided by the koi vet Dr. Bretzinger supervised. Our koi have spent at least 5 weeks in quarantine at the time of picking up / shipping to be able to rule out the possibility of viral diseases that are dangerous for the koi. In addition, our koi are microscopically examined weekly for parasite and worm infestation


Shipping (supplier GoExpress):

to Austria for €69 per box

to Germany for €49 per box


We will only release koi by appointment, which should be clarified at least 1 week before pick-up.

Züchter: Shinoda
Größe: 12-15cm
Varietät: Hi Utsuri
Alter: Tosai View full details

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