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air vent

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Hi-Oxygen air vents for optimal oxygen enrichment in aquariums and ponds

In every pond or aquarium the installation of a suitable aeration is necessary. This is the only way to ensure that a healthy water cycle is maintained. If you want to avoid replacing the corresponding device in the near future, you should only use high-quality products. In this context, the Hi Oxygen air stones are particularly recommended.

The most important properties of the aerator series

In addition to their attractive design, the stones score with their stable construction. These are not only corrosion-free, but also shock-resistant. As a result, the aerators withstand all loads, so that you make a long-term investment by purchasing them. The high resistance is due to the unique production process - the air stones are hardened in the oven at 1300°C. In this context, it should be mentioned that the air stones are extremely fine-pored and thus optimally fulfill their function as aerators. Furthermore, the Hi-Oxygen stones protect the membrane of your air pump.

Suitable for all waters

The use of Hi Oxygen stones as aerators not only brings advantages in conventional aquariums. The product described can equally be used in ponds, lake water, breeding facilities and in the medical field. The air stones are designed in such a way that even with low pressure at great depths, an optimal outflow is generated. This improves the oxygen absorption of the water, which has a positive effect on the environment in the long term.

This must be taken into account when connecting the aeration stones

The bubble stones can be connected to both a 9 mm and a 4 mm hose. It should be noted here that the 4 mm connection is more suitable for the air discs with a diameter of 100 to 130 mm, while you should use the 9 mm hose for the disc with a diameter of 200 mm and fix it with a clamp. If you take these aspects into account, you can be sure of the flawless functionality of the Hi Oxygen air stones.

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